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Scala 2.9RC2 – applyDynamic

During the previous Dutch Scala Enthusiasts (DUSE) meeting some people mentioned the fuss about the Dynamic trait. Since ‘method missing’ was one of the features I enjoyed in Ruby and Groovy I decided to dig around and create some examples. … Continue reading

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Stackable traits

Today I was playing around with some code to show people how Scala traits (more specifically stackable traits) make it much easier to decompose your ‘problem’ into generic and reusable building blocks. One of the issues we recently looked at … Continue reading

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Scala shellscripts

No, writing executable scala shell scripts is not rocket science. I know. I noticed however that people don’t often use scala in this fashion because it didn’t occur to them. Have a short look at the following utility I wrote … Continue reading

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Selenium2 from Scalatest

Scalatest offers some very elegant ways to layout your tests. After using Selenium2 at work I started thinking how I could leverage the BDD-like goodness in combination with Selenium2. The combination proves to be very useful. Some basics Selenium2 offers … Continue reading

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Presentation: DSLs in Scala

At DuSe III I gave a presentation on writing Domain Specific Languages using Scala based on the work I did for my blogposts on internal and external with Scala. Domain Specific Languages In Scala Duse3 View more presentations from Peter … Continue reading

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Introduction to Scala

Last Tuesday I gave a ‘introduction to Scala’ presentation during the monthly ‘Tech Tuesday’ at Ebay/Marktplaats. After going through the slides I did some live test driven development. I think I managed to get some more people interested! Introduction To … Continue reading

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ScotchBuilder with Scala 2.8

While writing my internal SQL DSL example I stumbled upon this blogpost about a Type-safe Builder Pattern in Scala a couple of times. One of the issues I have with that code is the unnecessary use of mutable state in … Continue reading

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external DSLs with scala

Following up on my previous post on writing an internal SQL-like DSL for Scala I decided to bite the bullet and implement a ‘real’ parser for a subset of the SQL language to create the object tree from a SQL-like … Continue reading

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Internal DSLs with Scala

I’ve been playing around with Scala again lately. Writing a (internal) DSL or a fluent api was still on todo-list. Instead of writing some arbitrary language for a made-up domain I decided to pick a language and a domain I … Continue reading

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3v12 api from Scala

I rewrote the code in my previous post in Scala, with a minor difference.. I’m not using an RSS api here.. Scala has native XML support… which makes writing basic RSS a breeze: [code] package v12_rss import{URLConnection, URL} import … Continue reading

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