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Using the 3voor12 api to get an RSS feed of your favorite playlist

A couple of months ago we developed 3voor12TV. During festivals like Noorderslag, Pinkpop and (upcoming) Lowlands the 3voor12 crew tries to get as much high quality (h264) material online in the shortest time possible. The application was developed in actionscript … Continue reading

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WordPress, Couchdb and Ruby

I did a small test to see how complex it would be to put a WordPress database into CouchDB. This might not seem very useful, and when only receiving data from WordPress it isn’t. In the future other applications would … Continue reading

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RubyEnRails 2008

Today I went to the RubyEnRails 2008 conference. Last year I went there as well and was really enthusiastic about the presentations I visited. This years’ conference was good, but didn’t manage to come close to what I expected. Maybe … Continue reading

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Nesting ActiveRecord transactions

I was experimenting with transactions in Rails/ActiveRecord to see what they can and what they can’t do. At first it seemed I couldn’t get transactions to work at all. I made sure I was using the InnoDB storage engine. I … Continue reading

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Januari 28 will be the day of the first gathering of the Amsterdam’s Ruby User Group. I’d like to be there but due to the fact that at that time my wife will be over 40 weeks pregnant… I just … Continue reading

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Learning Ruby at the Free Online Ruby Programming Course

A couple of weeks ago a I read about the free online Ruby course by Satish Talim. The course is aimed at people who want to start learning Ruby. I’ve probably passed the ‘starting stage’ a while ago, but was … Continue reading

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Closures and the return of the return

I attended Joshua Blochs’ presentation on closures at JavaPolis last week (watch the video here). This slides about return not return from what you’d expect kept me wondering: how do other languages solve this ‘problem’. The example from Bloch, taken … Continue reading

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How Elvis showed me a neat way of using operators in Ruby

Recently the Groovy team introduced a new operator to the Groovy language. It is called the Elvis operator. There is one thing I particularly like about this operator. It’s name. To bad the Elvis operator is only a shortening of … Continue reading

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The virtues of HPricot: scraping DZone

I couple of days ago I was looking at XML parsing solutions available in Ruby. I played a bit with REXML, a conformant but kind of dull XML processor, it works great. When working with less conformant XML-like (like websites) … Continue reading

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Using Rails without a database

Today I was fiddling with Rails to create a simple web UI on top of some REST services. Therefor I didn’t really need (or is it really didn’t need) a database server. Just writing and running Rails code without a … Continue reading

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