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First of all: thanks for visiting!

This weblog is maintained by me, Peter Maas. I’m a Dutch citizen and own a nice house with a pretty garden in a small city called Hilversum, about 30km from Amsterdam.

I studied at the Faculty of Art, Media & Technology (specialisation: Audio Design / software development for audio and music) at the HKU (School of Arts Utrecht) to recieve my European Media Master of Arts (ing. / BA / MA) in 2002.

My wife (Danielle) and I are the parents of two wonderful kids: Sjoerd and Maaike, we keep track of family events at the family blog.
My other interests range from espresso and cooking to programming and open source software. Next to that I have a passion for analog synthesizers. I make a living by being the technical lead of the business-to-consumer (B2C) team at eBay/Marktplaats .

My interest interest programming languages is gradually shifting to a more functional approach. I like Scala, looked at Clojure and am learning Haskell. Hopefully I’ll be using more of that in future projects!

Me and my two wonderful kids

5 Responses to About me

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  2. Andrew says:


    You dotn happen to have the origional Sonic Visio ESB templates do you? they are no longer avaliable for donload and I have been trying to locate a copy.

    Kind regards,
    Andrew Stone.

  3. peter says:

    I’ll have a look in my backups; haven’t had access to a Visio ware OS for a while!

  4. Andrew Stone says:

    Thanks! I have contacted sonic and they seem to have lost them!

    kind regards,
    Andrew Stone.

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