QCon 2009 – 3

QCon 2009 is no more. To bad, it was an really great conference. Today I mainly attended tracks aimed at how to be / become a good architect/teamlead and a really nice talk about the technical issue the twitter team faces (and solved).

Things I’ve learned (or heard again but think are important to keep mentioning) today:

  • Stories are important, teams need a ‘Shaman’ who is capable of explaining why specific choices where made in the past
  • Wise architects only need to have one answer to be capable of anwering any question: it depends…
  • Architects and developers tend to try to solve problems in far to generic ways. Generic systems don’t tend to deliver the best end-user experience.
  • 300 messages a second on twitter doesn’t sound like a lot. They are however send to a lot of followers!
  • On the question of why twitter decided to built their own messaging queue instead of using an existing one (ie. JMS) they answered: well, our current solution is about 1200 lines of scala and perfeclty fits are needs. No other product could offer us that.
  • Apache Camel and ActiveMQ are hot (a Dutch article I wrote on this should be published shortly)
  • Simple solutions are often the best solution. HTTP is the most common example.
  • Be very aware of the ‘here is a solution, what was the problem again’ approach.
  • Having the get in your flight home while the conference is not over yet sorta sucks; well actually the stress on getting on the airplane in time isn’t really nice

All in all, QCon 2009 was probably the best conference I’ve ever visited. I’ve learned tons of really useful stuff. Not only from a technological point of view, but from a social point of view is well. It is delightful to hear how other people are solving or have solved the same problems as I am. I really hope to visit QCon 2009 next year as well!

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2 Responses to QCon 2009 – 3

  1. Is er volgend jaar dan weer QCon 2009? :o )

    Maar zonder dollen, klinkt alsof het inderdaad de moeite waard was.

  2. peter says:

    Scherpe observatie ;)

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