QCon 2009 – 1

Keynote with fowler and exley #qcon Two days ago I traveled to London to visit this years QCon London conference. It has been great so far!

I’ve listened (and asked questions) to various interesting members of the community like C.A.R. Hoare (Computer Science, inventor of qsort), Martin Fowler (Ruby, Keynote), Ola Bini (Emerging languages), Kirk Pepperdine (Scalability), Cameron Purdy (Scalability), Jonas Bonér (Scala), Rich Hickey (Clojure) and more!

The smaller scale of QCon (as oposed to say JavaOne or Devoxx) and talks in an almost classroom like settings really work for me; you can actually get into a discussion with the speaker/audience instead of just being bombarded with tons of slides.

Things I’ve learned (or heard again but think are important) sofar:

  • Scalability needs to be part of you architecture
  • Think about graceful degrading when the unexpected happens
  • You can actually do += on a val in scala: code snippet
  • I really need to look at Clojure, although I think the code looks hideous
  • Thoughtworks doesn’t seem to have strict guidelines in Ruby development but seems to do just fine without that
  • Start a project with an experienced team, bring in the less skilled developers when the foundation is ready
  • Some people have a really skewed view on using REST
  • It’s really nice to have a twitter ‘backchannel’
  • Guinness beer rocks

Now, to see what the second day will bring!

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