QCon 2009 – 2

Big Ben just outside the conference rooms I just returned from another great day of QCon. Today I focused on software architecture tracks. They where delightful.

Things I’ve learned (or heard again but think are important to keep mentioning) today:

  • BBC has plans very similar to what I’m working on for Dutch broadcaster VPRO. A REST oriented service layer with lightweight widget/mashup rendering above and tools suited for the problem domain below. They are just a tiny bit further then we are at the moment.
  • Guardian.co.uk built their application quite similar to the way I architected/developed cinema.nl apart from some details in caches. They are happy, but moving to REST oriented architecture to reduce coupling as well.
  • Architects are falling from their towers and starting to use common-sense technology (like HTTP, RSS, ATOM, REST) more and more and are abandoning ‘enterprise’ patterns and tools (think JEE, Portals, SOAP etc).
  • New architectures are often more about the social aspect then the technical aspect
  • Clojure is definitely going on my short-list of ‘languages to look at’

Now, to see what the third day will bring!

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