Anterior Uveitis

Due to the fact that I was “optically challenged” for the past week it might have been a bit silent on my weblog. Since I’m still recovering I’m trying to keep time behind my computer as short as possible.

Normally I would have used this time to read about Leopard, and the fact that it hasn’t got Java6. Or playing around with some fancy new webframework. Today I spent some time reading about Anterior Uveitis; which is the name of the disease causing the pain in my right eye.

eyeSo, what is Uveitis? If we think of the eye as a hollow, fluid-filled, 3-layered ball, then the outer layer is the sclera, a tough coat, the innermost is the retina, the thin light-gathering layer, and the middle layer is the Uvea. The Uvea is made up of the iris, the ciliary body and the choroid (see diagram). When any part of the uvea becomes inflamed then it is called Uveitis.

And on the “anterior” part? Anterior means that it affects the front of the eye, normally the iris (iritis) or the ciliary body (iridocyclitis). Iritis, strictly speaking is an older term for Anterior Uveitis but is still used frequently. Iritis is by far the most common type of Uveitis and also the most readily treated. Having said that, iritis is something that needs quite close monitoring because complications such as raised eye pressure and cataracts can occur.

So even tough the initial inflammation is incredibly painful, and I’ll probably have blurred vision until the end of this week… I’m glad I now know exactly what it is and how it can be treated!

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2 Responses to Anterior Uveitis

  1. railsguru says:

    Beterschap!! And you’re not really missing out on Leopard, unless you like fancy dock gfx..

  2. peter says:

    I know I’m not really missing out on Leopard; but I’d really like to give spaces a try… which for me is the killer feature…. Danielle is still waiting for the copy of Leopard which ‘came’ with her new MacBook; she’ll test-drive it for me!

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